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Inpro® Graphic Panel at SSM Health NICU


Who wouldn’t want an 8-foot tall piece of anti-fungal artwork? How cool is that?

As you may know, I create a lot of images for healthcare. So the idea that I can offer images that provide a positive patient environment, are durable, and help in preventing the spread of germs is pretty cool. That’s why I was happy with the idea of partnering with Inpro®.

Inpro’s line of Printed Wall Art and Aspex® Wall Protection offer a durable graphic panel with clear, crisp digital imaging. I first became aware of Inpro® while collaborating on a project for the new SSM Health NICU. I was blown away by the quality of their printing and the integrity of their panel material, especially their anti-microbial coatings. My imagery seemed to come alive on the walls of the NICU, with sharp color and detailed quality.

Inpro® is now promoting my artwork on their website,, as part of their comprehensive approach to meeting the demanding wall protection needs of hospitals and organizations around the world. Of course, while offering the beauty and grandeur that one can only find at The Art Around You. – Now with less germs. YES!!!

Learn more about the SSM Health NICU project with Christner Architects and Inpro. (more)



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