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Autumn Leaves

Playing Among The Leaves

As a young boy I experienced the changing of the seasons among the towering brownstones  of Upper Manhattan. Autumn is still Autumn whether you are deep in the woods or exploring Central Park. I remember wandering the streets of my neighborhood with trees ablaze in shades of red, yellow and orange, like giant torches lighting the sidewalks. Then the leaves would begin to fall, cascading down in spirals of color that would blanket the sidewalks creating a mosaic hued carpet to tread upon. My friends and I would run through the leaves, jumping into freshly formed piles only to propel the fallen leaves back into the air for one last momentary flight. I can still smell the bittersweet scent of leaves decaying against the curb.

Those days are long gone and I now find myself in the autumn of my own life. Grasping every opportunity to wander among the trees once again baring witness to the magic transition from the possibilities of summer to the brisk chill of winter. With this in mind I’ve collected some of my favorite fall images. Images that I hope capture the essence of the art around autumn through the lens of an experienced photographer and hopefully with the joy and spirit of a young boy playing among the leaves.

Witness the collection "AROUND AUTUMN".

– Lje



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