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I’ve spent my share of time in military hospitals, as a twice wounded solider during the Vietnam War and later as a medical photographer. I can relate first hand to the challenges faced by patients and staff. Now, as a fine art photographer, I commit a large portion of my time to working with hospitals across the country to enhance the healthcare environment with visuals and images that soothe and inspire.

You can imagine then how elated I was when I was informed that my photography had been selected for a large mural installation for the Welcome Center at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center in Washington, DC. Getting to do what I love while helping to improve the quality of the healthcare environment and honoring those who serve our country so proudly, I couldn’t of asked for anything more.

The project includes a large 18-foot wide by 25-foot high mural, incorporating images shot on location in Washington, DC. Additional images were selected for display throughout the rest of the facility.

I am truly honored to be involved with this wonderful initiative and to have my images displayed in our nation’s capital.


Larry Emerson

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