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Me and My Water Proof Buckets

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Falling Leaves

I love the outdoors but I’ll admit I’m not much of a rugged outdoorsman. I think it has to do with the months I spent trudging through the jungles of Vietnam. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. Give me a nice comfortable bed and a hot shower any time. So when an opportunity arose to photograph Smoky Mountain National Park I agreed with some conditions. No camping, no massive backwoods hikes, and no bears. It’s not like I’m afraid of bears. I once wrestled a chimpanzee. So I’m sure I can handle myself with a bear. I’d just rather not have to put myself to the test. And no, I didn’t win the match with the chimp but who’s counting?

Even though I had no plan of hiking deep into the woods I knew that I’d benefit from some good hiking shoes. Boots have come a long way since my Army days. UniFly midsole technology, terrain absorption, and waterproof protection, these boots were made for walking and wading for that matter. They worked great with the exception of the waterproof part. Apparently shoes that are made to keep the water out are also really good at keeping water in. First time I stepped into a ragging mountain stream I found myself stomping about with two buckets of water strapped to my feet. Oh well, it’s nothing a good bed and hot shower can’t fix.

As far as photographing the Smokies, it’s like a photographer’s paradise. From the sprawling vistas at the Newfoundland Gap to a mesmerizing sunrise at Clingmans Dome (elev. 6,643 feet) to a cascading mountain stream and waterfall, it seems that every time I turned around there was something new to shoot. I can’t wait to go back. Although I think I’ll wait until my boots dry out before I do.

CyaBye. – Larry



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