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Washington University Dialysis Center – Patient Mural

Washington University Dialysis Center 

– Regionally Focused Design

The newly constructed Washington University Dialysis Center, located in North St. Louis, Missouri, is awash with warmth and color, designed to project a calming familiar environment for patients and staff.

Larry Emerson, founder of The Art Around You, handpicked a suite of regionally themed imagery that is relatable to the patient demographic –  while transforming a clinical environment into a reassuring recognizable landscape.

“There is something magical with the process of juxtaposing various images, one to the other, that I find fascinating.” Emerson said. “Taking multiple seemly unrelated images and combining them into a single visual thought, when executed correctly, can instill an ordered depth and tranquility otherwise absent from each standalone image. It was with this attitude that I approached the challenge of selecting images for the Washington University Dialysis Center.”

Untitled photo
Untitled photo




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