Melbourne FL 146

3rd Floor Mural - 80x6 v1 1.0

Untitled photo

• Image 4 - shifted sunflower to left to accommodate door

• Image 5 - replaced "Shore Image" with "Beach with Cloud" flipped image horizontal to accommodate door

• Image 7 - increased crop to on same image to maximize resolution

• Image 11 - replaced low-res "Lone Tree" with high-res "Field and Stream"

• Image 12 - shifted iris to left to accommodate door

3rd Floor Mural - 80x6 v1 1.0 elev. approx.


The elevation rendering is based upon supplied plans for the 3rd Floor. Position of the doors are approximate.

3rd Floor Mural - 80x6 v.01 (Previous Version)

Untitled photo



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